Edo G, the History of Rap and Hip Hop in Massachusetts/ Welcome To Beantown Episode 5

The Massachusetts rap and hip hop community that we know of today is what it is only because of what it was. Feel me? All y’all youngins that support local acts like Moufy and Cam Meekins need to especially pay attention since this episode of Welcome To Beantown speaks on Continue Reading

Welcome To Beantown Episode 2 / Exclusive Never Before Seen Footage of Bosto-Massachusetts Rap

Welcome To Beantown Episode 2 … The World Premiere of WTB Episode 2 has arrived! Welcome To Beantown Episode 2 has appearances and interviews by Chris Faraone, J the S, Edo G, Dre Robinson, Millyz, N.B.S., Major Ladies of Boston, BR Ross, Green Monster, Spoon Digga and many others. Directed Continue Reading