Dee-1 “Jay, 50, and Weezy” Official Music Video / Quality Conscious Hip Hop is Still Alive in 2015

 If you are a real rap or hip hop fan in 2015 and you aren’t familiar with Dee-1 yet, I’m sorry to say it, but you’ve been missing out. However at the same time, it feels good knowing that I’m introducing you to the brother. I mean let’s be honest, Continue Reading

Tupac Shakur Animation Cartoon/ PBS Blank on Blank Series

The second video that I am posting from the Blank on Blank series is with Tupac. In what sounds like a small diner, interviewer Benjamin Svetkey gets Tupac to speak about his future and some of the hardships he was dealing with as a successful rapper. Its crazy to think Continue Reading

TAPEDECK TUESDAYS/ Tapedeck Mix 25/ Luniz – Bay Ballas Remix and Tupac Official Music Video

(updated 6/22/12) TAPEDECK TUESDAYS/ Tapedeck Mix 25… So starting today we are jumping ahead to mix 25 and on next Thursday I’ll be posting one of the older TT’s that previously had downloading problems. That means y’all are gonna get twice the juice until we catch up to the current Continue Reading

‘Tupac The Lost Prison Tapes’ / 2Pac’Lost Prison Interview’ HD’ Official Video *NEW / Circa 1994! Uncut & Uncensored Footage

Tupac ‘The Lost Prison Tapes’ is a new 45 minute DVD that is all about Tupac. His thoughts and beliefs about his past, his music the United States government and everything in between. This is a rather deep interview with 2pac if that’s what your into… definitely check this out. Continue Reading