Bilal “Fast Lane” Produced by Dr. Dre Official Record / Throwback Post

One of those classics that I love turning people onto, Bilal dropped the single “Fast Lane” over 10 years ago back in 2001 off of his debut album ‘1st born second’. Bilal has such a soulful voice that is so destinctive, I think he was perfect for this record. But Continue Reading

Vince Carter is the Best Dunker EVER/ Throwback Post

Vince Carter is easily one of the BEST dunkers in Basketball… whether your talking during a contest or in-game dunks, Carter has always been among the best. Now some might argue LeBron James, Blake Griffin, Gerald Green or legends like Michael Jordan, Shawn Kemp, Dominique Wilkins or even Julius “Dr. Continue Reading

Mos Def “Travellin Man” Official Record/ Throwback Post

Such a dope record, Mos Def spitting about keeping it moving. It’s one of those life-reflection tracks that reminds me of all the people who have come and gone throughout my life. Whether it was a classmate from elementary school, a co-worker, an ex-girlfriend or mentor, it’s kind of strange Continue Reading

Masta Ace “Beautiful” Official Music Video/ Throwback Post

Easily one of my favorite Masta Ace records”Beautiful” came out a year after graduating from high school and I was off on a new journey, life was beautiful. Its mind boggling to me that the Youtube view count is less than 1,000,000 hits. This is one of those rap/ hip Continue Reading

Michael Johnson, 400 Meter World Record Video/ Throwback Post

Now that my college track and field career is over as an athlete, I couldn’t help to think about how incredibly slow I am, at least compared to the 400 meter world record time set by Michael Johnson. People always say how I am o so fast… but they don’t Continue Reading

OutKast ft. Slick Rick “Da Art of Storytellin” Official Music Video/ Throwback Post

Man this is such a tight record and another perfect record and video to have as a throwback post. Andre 3000 has always been one of my favorite artist, might even say Outkast as a group is up there, so its no surprise I’m still a fan of this classic. Continue Reading

LeBron James vs Dwight Howard and Larry Bird vs Michael Jordan “The Showdow” 1993 and 2010 McDonalds Commercial’s/ Business 101 – Throwback Post Video

It’s scary to think this McDonald’s commercial was about 20 years ago, where has all the time gone?!? Larry Bird had just retired (1991-1992 season due to back problems) when these were filmed and released, while MJ was still going strong… so why not have one of the greatest rivalries Continue Reading

Wreckx-N-Effect “Rump Shaker” Official Music Video/ Throwback Post

Can’t you tell it’s Friday~ This was that jam back in the day lol. I didn’t even know what a rump shaker was when this record dropped… alright that is definitely a lie, but I wasn’t about that life yet, I wasn’t even a teenager. Yea Teddy Riley used to Continue Reading