Jimi Hendrix Animation Cartoon/ PBS Blank on Blank Series

Another great video from the Blank on Blank Series from PBS, this video features Jimi Hendrix’s final interview, 1 week before he died in September of 1970. Truly a unique individual, this interview illustrates his love and respect that he felt about life, and how we shouldn’t always be labeled Continue Reading

Tupac Shakur Animation Cartoon/ PBS Blank on Blank Series

The second video that I am posting from the Blank on Blank series is with Tupac. In what sounds like a small diner, interviewer Benjamin Svetkey gets Tupac to speak about his future and some of the hardships he was dealing with as a successful rapper. Its crazy to think Continue Reading

Beastie Boys Animation Cartoon/ PBS Blank on Blank Series

A very cool series from Blank on Blank, they basically create cartoon animations over exclusive never before heard interviews. Relatively short videos about 3-7 minutes long, they feature famous public figures who have entertained, inspired and influenced all of us someway or another. This first video that I am going Continue Reading

Lupe Fiasco Interview with Tavis Smiley/ New album “Lasers”/ Support and buy album

How often are rap and hip hop artist on PBS? Not enough! But recently Lupe Fiasco was on PBS being interviewed on the Tavis Smiley Show, speaking about his long-awaited new CD, “Lasers.” Watch the full episode. See more Tavis Smiley. Tavis Smiley is clearly one of the better African Continue Reading