DEE-1 “the UnDefeated” Theme Song Official Music Video / The Undefeated Website Brought to you by ESPN

I love this. I have so much respect for the brother Dee-1, so it was especially dope to see this premiere on ESPN. Then as I looked into it, is actually owned by ESPN, which should drastically help this video and the actual website with getting more exposure. The Continue Reading

Financial Independence for Young Black Men in 2015; Basic Personal Wealth Management Steps/ Business 101/ Repairing and Building Your Credit

So here I am, in the process of continuing to deal with college loans (again), while also working to improve my financial situation – and it isn’t easy. But when a mistake is made, you are supposed to learn from it, correct it, and move on while knowing that you Continue Reading

Michael Johnson, 400 Meter World Record Video/ Throwback Post

Now that my college track and field career is over as an athlete, I couldn’t help to think about how incredibly slow I am, at least compared to the 400 meter world record time set by Michael Johnson. People always say how I am o so fast… but they don’t Continue Reading

The Best Puppet Dancer Ever! Video of South African Puppet Master

So here is an amazing video of an incredibly talented puppet master from South Africa! I mean lets be honest, puppet dancing isn’t really my cup of tea lol… but this brotha is clearly more talented than the normal puppet master at your birthday party or some random event. So Continue Reading

Immortal Technique 2013 Interview On Fire/ The (R)evolution of Immortal Technique

  This video is a must see for any of you who actually care about your personal freedom and rights, whether your an American or not… Alex Jones interviews Immortal Technique. Its honestly amazing to see them talk about politics, war, slavery, economics, and so much more. Eye opening to Continue Reading

Nate Robinson dribbles under Sebastian Telfair during game/ Motivational Video

Wow, this is probably one of the best plays so far during this NBA season. Nate Robinson is clearly one of the most athletic players in the league standing only 5’9 and can put the ball between his legs in mid-air and dunk on a regulated hoop. So clearly other Continue Reading