G.Dot “Find My Own Way” | G Dot and Born ft. Edo G “It’s Real” | “Ghetto Survivors” ft. Masta Ace Official Music Video

New G.Dot’s new music video “Find My Own Way”~ G Dot & Born featuring Masta Ace “Ghetto Survivors” is relatively new and something that my real hip hop heads will enjoy. And this joint came out a few years ago but G Dot and Born featuring Edo G “It’s Real” Continue Reading

Dee-1 “Jay, 50, and Weezy” Official Music Video / Quality Conscious Hip Hop is Still Alive in 2015

 If you are a real rap or hip hop fan in 2015 and you aren’t familiar with Dee-1 yet, I’m sorry to say it, but you’ve been missing out. However at the same time, it feels good knowing that I’m introducing you to the brother. I mean let’s be honest, Continue Reading

Masta Ace “Beautiful” Official Music Video/ Throwback Post

Easily one of my favorite Masta Ace records”Beautiful” came out a year after graduating from high school and I was off on a new journey, life was beautiful. Its mind boggling to me that the Youtube view count is less than 1,000,000 hits. This is one of those rap/ hip Continue Reading

Edo G, the History of Rap and Hip Hop in Massachusetts/ Welcome To Beantown Episode 5

The Massachusetts rap and hip hop community that we know of today is what it is only because of what it was. Feel me? All y’all youngins that support local acts like Moufy and Cam Meekins need to especially pay attention since this episode of Welcome To Beantown speaks on Continue Reading

M-Dot & DJ Jean Maron Ft. Big Shug- Tap Out (Official Music Video)/ Directed by Steve Tapia/ “Tap Out” off of the Album ‘Run MPC’

So last time I mentioned M- Dot on here, I was saying congrats for winning the 2010 Boston Music Hip Hop Artist of the Year Award. Well M-Dot might of celebrated alittle but he definitely continued to grind.  Alittle while back M- Dot dropped the LP ‘Run MPC‘ and among Continue Reading

Masta Ace and EDO G/ Little Young Music Video/ Rap Intervention/ Arts & Entertainment

I previously spoke about an interview I read with Jay Z giving props to Boston’s legendary, EDO G, which I thought was important, since so many new artist; dont know their local rap and hip hop history, and forget what quality music is about. Check out the video, Little Young… Continue Reading