VIDEO – Rondos Arm Bent – Dislocated Elbow Because of Dwyane Wade in Game 3 / Celtics vs Heat Playoff Game / Celtics Win , 1 – 2 Series

So Rajon Rondo definitely did some sort of matrix thing with his arm during game 3 of the NBA Playoffs between the Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat… More detail coming soon. It’s definitely not a pretty injury I can tell you that. More coming soon…. It was during the Continue Reading

April Fools! Snowing in Massachusetts… MORE SNOW!?! This is no joke! / No gym workout today

April FOOLSSSS… or not! This year, here in New England, we’ve had madd snow and somehow we’re still getting hit. All week has been fairly nice and when I woke up this morning and looked out my back door… I’m seeing snow! Ish is crazy mannnnnn! But honestly, I kinda Continue Reading

Moe Pope “Grateful Dead of Night” Produced by Rain / ‘Depeche Moe’ / Nicolas Heller

Moe Pope “Greatul Dead of Night” Produced by Rain off of ‘Depeche Moe’.  Directed, Produced and Edited by Nicolas Heller. Photographed by Gordie Hendrick. Shot by Tom Smith and Gordie Hendrick Makeup by Nicole Valldejuli… video and record are dope… especially if you’re looking for something NEW!!

St. Anthony Friars ARE the best high school basketball team in the country in 2010- 2011 / Bob Hurley has done it again!

I called it back on January 9th when I first wrote about St. Anthony Friars, and after they beat St. Patrick, I knew they were the best team in the country and the question I had was… will they go undefeated. And even that wasn’t so much of a question. Continue Reading

Not Enough Mics Vol. 1 / Not Enough Mics Collaborative / R&B, Soul, Hip Hop

Not Enough Mics is a collective organization dedicated to giving soul, R&B and hip hop female artist a voice and platform to be heard… or as they put it ‘Not Enough Mics Collaborative is a network of womyn-identified artists who have come together to create a series dedicated to sharing Continue Reading

Staxx Hustlez “Stuck Like Glue” featuring Antagonist/ “One Hand” Official Music Video/ Directed by AM STEEL/ Boston Rap/ L4L

Here’s another new Boston rap music video and record for you. Life 4 Life Music! This record has a mature R&B vibe while remaining kinda mean and gritty… I’m feelin this record. Staxx Hustlez and Antagonist have recently been producing some ill tracks together. And despite a continued pattern of Continue Reading

Kevin Garnett’s Intensity Video / Motivation for the workplace and sports / Winner / Charlie Sheen / Winning

Kevin Garnett is one of my favorite active basketball players in the NBA. It’s not because of his championship title, MVP or All Star awards, or  because of his future home in the NBA Hall of Fame in Springfield, Massachusetts. I love KG because he still plays basketball with an Continue Reading

Ray Allen passes Reggie Miller to become the NBA’s Three Point Field Goals Made List/ A Living Legend

We all knew it was going to happen but when!?! Well as of Thursday, February 10th, 2011 at approximately 8:17pm (lol I definitely don’t know the time hah) Ray Allen became the NBA’s All-Time 3 point FG leader! While playing his best friend Koby Bryant (lol yea right), right here Continue Reading

Barton Road Pictures/ Winter 2011/ After Snow Storm/ Canon 7D Photo Test 1/ Ace Pics

So I’ve had my hands on the Canon 7D for a few weeks now. I already made one post with test video footage, but the 7D is technically meant for photography, which is why I think the best way to have a full understanding of the camera and all of Continue Reading