LeBron James is the Only Player to Average a Triple-Double in the NBA Finals | Golden State Warriors Win 2016-2017 NBA Championships

I am a Michael Jordan fan but I’m continuing to sway towards LeBron James as he continues to prove himself playing against teams like the Golden State Warriors. Now that Golden State has won the 2017 NBA Championships over the Cleveland Cavaliers I think most people are going to say the Continue Reading

Converse Rubber Tracks Live Show Gives Us Big Boi of OutKast to Lead into 2016

Last Wednesday night at The Sinclair in Cambridge, Converse Rubber Tracks Live put on a sick show to help close out 2015 in a big way. Featuring half of the legendary duo, OutKast, a packed house was lit as the main act, Big Boi, came on stage. Now I can Continue Reading

Vince Carter is the Best Dunker EVER/ Throwback Post

Vince Carter is easily one of the BEST dunkers in Basketball… whether your talking during a contest or in-game dunks, Carter has always been among the best. Now some might argue LeBron James, Blake Griffin, Gerald Green or legends like Michael Jordan, Shawn Kemp, Dominique Wilkins or even Julius “Dr. Continue Reading

Seventh Woods is the next best thing to hit the basketball court (Video)/ LeBron James and Michael Jordan Pass the Torch

So I don’t know if you remember the hype behind LeBron James before he went pro during his high school years, but I most definitely do. He was the next Michael Jordan, and at this moment he is living up to it… well not exactly, but you get my point. Continue Reading

LeBron James vs Dwight Howard and Larry Bird vs Michael Jordan “The Showdow” 1993 and 2010 McDonalds Commercial’s/ Business 101 – Throwback Post Video

It’s scary to think this McDonald’s commercial was about 20 years ago, where has all the time gone?!? Larry Bird had just retired (1991-1992 season due to back problems) when these were filmed and released, while MJ was still going strong… so why not have one of the greatest rivalries Continue Reading

Inspirational ‘NBA on TNT – NBA Forever’ Video / Old and New Basketball Legends Playing Together

(Paul Pierce vs Jerry West) Inspirational ‘NBA on TNT – NBA Forever’ Video… Basketball Legends Together on the court! Not literally, but of course with the help of editing. This was the Christmas Day 2011 Intro to the basketball season after the lockout. This video features the best professional basketball Continue Reading

Lebron James McDonalds Monopoly Commercial / LOL/ Nike LeBron 9 Shoe

Lebron James McDonalds Monopoly Commercial… LOL, this is probably the first time I’ve seen LeBron James actually make fun of himself. Yea you know that statement he said about winning 7 NBA Championships… yeaaa watch this hah. But that’s the thing, clearly his manager or whoever helps guide him and Continue Reading

K. Michelle “How Many Times” Official Music Video *NEW / “Just Ain’t My Day”

K. Michelle “How Many Times” Official Music Video is a new one just thrown my way yesterday. I honestly can say I don’t know much about K. Michelle but I like her… she can sing. And I don’t just mean sing, but good enough to have R.Kelly co-sign here. That’s Continue Reading