Ice Cube “Good Cop Bad Cop” Official Music Video | Death Certificate

Another new music video from Ice Cube, “Good Cop Bad Cop” is the second new video to drop from his 25th Anniversary Edition of his legendary album Death Certificate. Similar to his last record “Only One Me“, you can hear Cube just keeping it real and making that protest music Continue Reading

Dee-1 “Jay, 50, and Weezy” Official Music Video / Quality Conscious Hip Hop is Still Alive in 2015

 If you are a real rap or hip hop fan in 2015 and you aren’t familiar with Dee-1 yet, I’m sorry to say it, but you’ve been missing out. However at the same time, it feels good knowing that I’m introducing you to the brother. I mean let’s be honest, Continue Reading

TAPEDECK TUESDAYS/ Tapedeck Mix 26 and 10/ Biggie and Eminem/ Akrobatik

TAPEDECK TUESDAYS/ Tapedeck Mix 26 and Mix 10… So as I have previously stated, today is the first day that I will be posting twice the heat until we catch up to date. The featured records for this TT’s are Akrobatik with his classic record “Remind My Soul” as well Continue Reading


TAPEDECK TUESDAYS/ Tapedeck Mix 15(22)… another sick mix for y’all. Old school Black Eyed Peas along with some DITC and DMX to the Roots and Bone Crusher. Yea this is another batch of classic records that you won’t want to miss. Definitely take a listen, download it for free here Continue Reading

TAPEDECK TUESDAYS / Tapedeck Mix Volume 10

TAPEDECK TUESDAYS / Tapedeck Mix Volume 10(15)… So because we have been having problems with downloading the files, I’m just jumping to what I know will work now… in other words, this is 10th edition of T.T.’s but it’s technically our 15th edition. So basically I’m skipping a few volumes… Continue Reading

MC Shan/ A3C / Atlanta / UGHH / Van Stylez

MC Shan Interview @ the A3C Hip Hop Festival w/UGHH Atlanta, Georgia Interviewed by Van Stylez Filmed by Adam “Ace” Spencer   MC Shan was a cool, down-to-earth dude. Another legend that was part of Marly Marl’s Juice Crew All Stars, this Queensbridge rapper is probably most memorable for his Continue Reading