TAPEDECK TUESDAYS / Tapedeck Mix Volume 3

TAPEDECK TUESDAYS. So keeping things moving, since the homie Astro’s is on top of his ish, I have no excuses as to why I should be slackin on my game. So with that said, this week I have the Tapedeck Mix Volume 3 instead of one or two records off Continue Reading

Heavy D Dies at 44 / “Nuttin’ But Love”, Heavy D and The Boyz ft. Aaron Hall “Now That We Found Love” Official Music Video

Heavy D with A Tribe Called Quest in 1991 Heavy D Dies at 44… Wow, can’t believe Heavy D died yesterday, November 8th…Heavy D was truly one rap artist I could remember listening to while growing up, Heavy D & The Boyz ft. Aaron Hall “Now That We Found Love”, Continue Reading