Mark Zuckerberg Donates $500 Million After Instagram Update Terms of Service/ They can Sell Your Pictures and Photos for Ads to Make Money/ Business 101

Yesterday Instagram had everyone on FaceBook and Twitter (and of course Instagram) going crazy over the new updated terms of service which basically gives them (Mark Zuzkerberg and his FaceBook company bought Instagram for $1 Billion earlier this year), the right to sell your pictures to companies for ads. In Continue Reading

Facebook Art … or should I say procrastination/ Art / Business

Facebook is great… but if company logos could speak I think facebooks would say something like, ‘Procrastination’… although facebook can also be very helpful  with your business or spreading awareness about a particular project. I’ll have a post on that pretty soon… but for now continue using facebook as a Continue Reading

Online Video in 2011/ Video Production at its finest?/

With the rapid demand and supply for video cameras and content within the 21st century, I honestly believe 2011 is going to be THE year for online video and video production.  In recent years what we call reality TV, has taken on a kinda played out and just straight up, Continue Reading