TAPEDECK TUESDAYS/ Tapedeck Mix 17 / Big L and Egyptian Lover

TAPEDECK TUESDAYS/ Tapedeck Mix 17(24)… So starting this week and the weeks to come, I’m making a few changes to TAPEDECK TUESDAYS. First, I’ll be adding to the series one or two videos of actual records that are featured on the mix. I felt like this would give you a Continue Reading


TAPEDECK TUESDAYS/ Tapedeck Mix 15(22)… another sick mix for y’all. Old school Black Eyed Peas along with some DITC and DMX to the Roots and Bone Crusher. Yea this is another batch of classic records that you won’t want to miss. Definitely take a listen, download it for free here Continue Reading

TAPEDECK TUESDAYS / Tapedeck Mix Volume 8

TAPEDECK TUESDAYS / Tapedeck Mix Volume 8… o yes o yes its that time of the week again, some more classic rap and hip hop. One of my favorite records, “Aquemini” from OutKast, alongside records like “Shinin Star” from Brand Nubian and even “Animal Planet” from GZA, you wont find Continue Reading

Sticky Fingaz (Onyx) “Rap Starr” ft. Heidi Marie Official Music Video

Sticky Fingaz (Onyx) “Rap Starr” ft. Heidi Marie Official Music Video… So Sticky Fingaz just dropped this new record and video all about today’s rap game. Considering one of my favorite records “Slam” dropped about 10 years ago, this brotha definitely knows what he’s talkin about. Record reminds me of Continue Reading

TAPEDECK TUESDAYS / TAPEDECK Vol. 1 / Real Rap and Hip Hop

TAPEDECK TUESDAYS … Being that I’m in the Christmas spirit still, I decided I would post the entire list of records from TAPEDECK Volume 1. So many of our new rap and hip hop fans have only seen and heard the new music from today’s artist, but in fact, they Continue Reading