Snoop Dogg Featuring Redman, Method Man & B-Real “Mount Kushmore” Official Music Video

Some brand new heat, this is a special treat that for my fellow Cannabis smokers to enjoy, “Mount Kushmore”. This is basically the weed anthem of 2017 which of course means you couldn’t have a “Mount Kushmore” without the top dog himself, Snoop Dogg. But I think this song’s lineup is more Continue Reading

DJ Slim “Utilize Your High”, “I Wanna Get High”/ ‘Hemp Hits’

DJ Slim of Puff Pass is grinding. Don’t believe the myths that weed makes you lazy cause Slim is gettin it in… them hits that is hah. Here’s the Official Music Video for “I Wanna Get High” directed by Science Squad. This is off of ‘Hemp Hits’. Here’s the Official Continue Reading