Draze Ft. D’Angelo “Ain’t Nobody Talking About No Real Shit” Official Music Video

And here is more dope new rap music for my friends that like to say that rap and hip hop music are dead and the culture is not as conscious as it used to be. This is what rap is built off of, music that speaks to the surrounding environment embodying the Continue Reading

June Marieezy and FKJ “Really Love” (D’Angelo) Cover – Live Music Video

So dope. June Marieezy and FKJ blessed D’Angelo’s song “Really Love” with this smooth a$$ live version that they recorded in the Red Bull Amsterdam studios a few days ago. June Marieezy has such a soothing and beautiful voice while FKJ is clearly an incredibly talented producer as we see Continue Reading

D’Angelo “Another Life” and “Space Oddity” Live Performance Video’s

D’Angelo “Another Life” and “Space Oddity” Live Performance Video’s… it’s good to see the brotha D’Angelo back at it as we see him debut some new music off of his upcoming album. Soulful and classy, the talented musician shows respect to David Bowie and covers a classic with his own Continue Reading