Vince Carter is the Best Dunker EVER/ Throwback Post

Vince Carter is easily one of the BEST dunkers in Basketball… whether your talking during a contest or in-game dunks, Carter has always been among the best. Now some might argue LeBron James, Blake Griffin, Gerald Green or legends like Michael Jordan, Shawn Kemp, Dominique Wilkins or even Julius “Dr. Continue Reading

Kia Optima ‘One Epic Ride’ Commercial / Blake Griffin jumps Kia Optima Commercial

So I hope the Kia Optima is as cool as these commercials are… the ‘One Epic Ride’ commercial is pretty cool. And the Clippers Blake Griffin dunked over the Optima during the 2011 Dunk Contest that he won. The dunk itself wasn’t even close to his most impressive but still Continue Reading