Shark Tank Battlegrounds Presents: Shark Bait Video

Shark Tank Battlegrounds Presents: Shark Bait Video… This is a preview of the upcoming 6 battles to be released from the Shark Tank event that took place on October 29th, 2011, which were: B-Vic vs Moneybagz (First release coming on November 12th, 2011)Buddy Lee vs K. KendleHazey vs MoroneySam Cook Continue Reading

Shark Tank Battlegrounds Presents: Hazey Vs. Spade/ Spydaman Vs. WeirdoOo Official Videos

Shark Tank Battlegrounds Presents: Hazey Vs. Spade… brand new heat just thrown my way, S/O DJ 2Thirteen cause dudes are gettin it in on here hah. At first I thought Hazey had this but Idk, Spade went in during the last round. ersonally I think Hazey won u everyone’s free Continue Reading

Aflac Commericials Duck vs Pigeon Rap Battle / Major Medical “Pays the Doctor Boy!” / LOL

Aflac Rap Battle Duck vs Pigeon TV Commercial… LMAO… just seeing this commercial for the first time. They have the Aflac Duck break dancing and beatboxing hah. Aflac Major Medical Pigeon vs Duck Commercial… I  just stumbled across this one too. Lol I don’t know if Aflac was trying to Continue Reading

Best Songs To Pump you up in 2011/ Gym/ Football/ Rugby/ Baseball/ Exercise/ War/ Battle/ Fitness Songs

Alright folks, here is my 100(+) list of the Best songs to amp you up! Whether your getting ready for a basketball game or track meet, or maybe you need ill background music for an exciting scene in a short film… well this list of songs should help you get Continue Reading