the LXD, Legion of Extraordinary Dancers / Dance Videos / Short Film “MATCHED”

The LXD (the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers) ‘electrify the TED2010 stage with an emerging global street-dance culture, revved up by the Internet. In a preview of Jon Chus upcoming Web series, this astonishing troupe show off their superpowers.’ In other words, this is one ill video of some sick dancers. Continue Reading

Adele “Chasing Pavements” Official Music Video / One of the best music videos

Adele is one talented artist. Yea I’m talking about the British singer, she can sing her butt off and I’m not sure if she writes all of her own material, hope so, but if not, she’s made this particular song into her own.”Chasing Pavement” is absolutely inspiring and well produced. Continue Reading

The CANDID Project from Noah Christofer and Beyond Measure / Inspirational Short Film

So as I slowly continue making progress towards my life goals, I stumbled across The Candid Project, an inspirational short film. Almost as if his thoughts are speaking to the viewer, the director Noah Christofer, honestly speaks from his heart as he reflects on life, while infusing original music videos Continue Reading