“Color of Reality” Dance Movement Official Video By Jon Booqz and Alexa Meade with Lil Buck

Halloween, that one day that is acceptable for anyone to put on makeup and dress and act however they like. Well I know this wasn’t meant for Halloween and while the dancing and art to cinematography and music are all dope, this is also so accurate and real that its Continue Reading

Jimi Hendrix Animation Cartoon/ PBS Blank on Blank Series

Another great video from the Blank on Blank Series from PBS, this video features Jimi Hendrix’s final interview, 1 week before he died in September of 1970. Truly a unique individual, this interview illustrates his love and respect that he felt about life, and how we shouldn’t always be labeled Continue Reading

David Choe Wall Painting / Nuart Festival / Art

David Choe Wall Painting… This painting is one of the many featured at the Nuart Festival which is an annual international contemporary street and urban art festival held in Norway. This amazing piece is from David Choe who painted the entire walls… definitely check this out if your looking for Continue Reading

Alice (from Alice in Wonderland) reading ‘LSD’ by Timothy Leary Photograph

Alice (from Alice in Wonderland) reading ‘LSD’ by Timothy Leary Photograph… umm do I need to say anything else lol. Well actually it is kinda interesting when you think about it. I wonder if she’s tripping on something and if so, whats going on in her head with everything around Continue Reading

Proph Bundy – Design + Photography / “Forgotten Atlanta” Series

Proph Bundy – Design + Photography = “Forgotten Atlanta” Series… this designer/ photographer is among my list of the best in the New England/ Atlanta areas. You can check out more of his work HERE… but this post in particular is strictly about this new series of photographs, the title Continue Reading

Facebook Art … or should I say procrastination/ Art / Business

Facebook is great… but if company logos could speak I think facebooks would say something like, ‘Procrastination’… although facebook can also be very helpful  with your business or spreading awareness about a particular project. I’ll have a post on that pretty soon… but for now continue using facebook as a Continue Reading