Mysonne Freestyle on Funk Flex Hot 97 is On Another Level – 2018 Freestyle

Mysonne Freestyle 2018 Funk Flex Video Hot 97

Mysonne Freestyle 2018 Funk Flex Video Hot 97

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MYSONNE is easily one of the most underrated rappers in the game. Most people aren’t familiar with him but I can confidently say that you’ll be feeling this if you’re a hip-hop head who appreciates “history, facts, bars, consistently.” Mysonne was on Funk Flex Hot 97 rapping alongside Fat Joe who kicked off the session with his own nice freestyle but clearly doesn’t compete with Mysonne. To me, this is a testament to how Mysonne’s freestyle was on another level since Fat Joe had a nice little something-something. And respect to Fat Joe for even rapping with Mysonne, a lot of rappers wouldn’t and probably won’t now that he dropped this. So I don’t care what anyone says, despite the number of whack rappers continuing to come out this is another clear indication that Rap and Hip Hop aren’t dead.

To some of Mysonne’s loyal fans, he already planted his flag in the rap game but I’d say this verse just did it for me. 9 minutes of fire, awareness, and bars over a classic Jay Z beat is a great way to head into the weekend.

And give me some time to get more of his lyrics up here because I think that will help us understand the magnitude of what we are witnessing. This is greatness.


“I defied them odds and I survived.

I’m Tupac Shakur meets Nas it’s modernized.

They say, that I provide a feeling that’s undenied

Barring nobody, I am the realest nigga alive.

You don’t feel it – then you died or you just dealing with pride.

Yall know that I be spitting, all bullshit aside.

So the minute that yall decide to celebrate authenticity,

Every category you have is gonna mention me.

I gave em history, facts, bars consistently

How the hell they don’t respect that, is a mystery.”


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Mysonne ~ Fat Joe ~ Ace Spencer

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