Poo Bear Interview with Complex BLUEPRINT – A Songwriter and His Journey



Finishing 2017 with this Poo Bear interview from Complex Hustle’s BluePrint series. As you’ll hear in this interview, he is responsible for writing 112’s 2001 smash record Peache’s and Cream along with a ton of other records that he rarely got credit for. Despite this, it didn’t stop him from going hard and continuing to work towards his goals. Clearly he’s talented but as you hear Poo Bear speak about his journey you’ll see that he was incredibly passionate and humble. And now that his record with Skrillex “Would You Ever” has taken off, it looks like the sky is the limit for his solo career. So get familiar with this brother if you aren’t already. I’ll also post the music video for “Would You Ever” after the interview. Which reminds me, I added some interactive video features to the interview such as a menu in case you want to see the questions and jump directly to that point. This will not work if you watch this video on Youtube so if you want to utilize these features you need to watch it from here.

So as we head into 2018 let’s keep this brothers mentality in mind and keep your eyes on the prize despite the ups and downs that are part of the ride.

“Would You Ever” with Skrillex

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