Token “Patty Cake” Official Music Video



Damn, it’s been a minute since I’ve posted on here since I’ve been M.I.A. working on a relatively big initiative so my bad my bad on the delay. But to make it up I got ya’ll on this new video, “Patty Cake” from Massachusetts rapper Token. Man, this kid doesn’t disappoint. You might not necessarily like his style or lyrical capabilities but you still gotta recognize his talent.  Now usually “Patty Cake” reminds me of a kids game but this right here, this ain’t no joke. Lyrically, in terms of upcoming artist and new music, he’s among the best and often times people will compare him to Eminem but this time around he has a little message for them lol. And one key thing that helps to separate him from other rappers is his ability to match his music with the visuals in his music videos. So props to Nox Beatz on the production and Director Ben Proulx on the visuals, this is lit. And whether we’re speaking about Massachusetts, the US, or internationally, I feel like you could throw Token in the ring and he’d contend if not win especially with all these Lil Yachty clowns running around, it’s not even a debate. Enjoy~

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Token ~ Ace Spencer

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