Meek Mill “Young Black America/ YBA” Official Music Video

Meek Mill YBA Young Black America Official Music Video featuring The Dream Watch Video here

Meek Mill YBA Young Black America Official Music Video featuring The Dream Watch Video here

This is what I’m talking about. All that Meek Mill vs Drake beef was a little entertaining but nobody really thinks Drake’s acting a$$ is on Meek’s level. Yes, Drake can sell more records, he’s an actor and knows the entertainment business so what do you expect. Meek, on the other hand, can do what Drake dreams of doing and that is truly connecting with Young Black America. And speaking of dreams, Meek got some help from The Dream to bless the hook. Yall know I’m all about empowering our brothers and sisters, so I’m amped to see Meek Mill dropping heat like this. Even the beat reminds me of classic Jay Z, “Mama Loves Me” off of the Blueprint album. But this is deep if you really listen to what he’s saying. Initially, the fight was against white supremacy but now, as a result of the system and the way it was designed, at times black Americans are like crabs in a bucket pulling each other down to get out when in reality we could be running the world if we came together.

These days, Slim Jesus, for example, shows you how anyone can rap about being hard and hustling or whatever it is some people think makes them real, but that ain’t real. And even if you have been hustling or gangbanging, that ain’t cool these days and it never really was. It was and continues to be used as a tool against young black Americans which is exactly what Meek raps about in this song. Too many brothers don’t think they can do anything aside from play football, basketball, or rap, so it’s imperative that we start to educate them. Respect to Meek for this.

“I was on that corner, Tryna get my coins up
Coppers runs up on us and we turn to Jackie Joyner
White man kill a black man, they never report us
Black man kill a white man, they gon’ start a war
Mama she was sour, sipping on the absolute
Young niggas brainwashed, they just wanna rap and hoop
Could’ve been a lawyer until they came and shackled you
Feel into the records so them jobs ain’t getting back at you
Them kids ain’t eat yet, so you can’t even sleep
That’s the only thing we ever saw, we repeat that
They was playing ball, find them hearts that I beat back
Broad day, threw his life away, soon as he clapped
Gave that boy a life sentence, made his momma relapse
Damn, they don’t understand. Coming from the bottom, it’s so hard to make a plane.

Know them kids beefing, they let it get out of hand.OG’s never told us in advance. Young niggas killing young niggas, shit is like the Klan.”


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Meek Mill ~ The Dream ~ Ace Spencer

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