Gang Starr ‘Step in the Arena’ Album Released 26 Years Ago Today

Time sure does fly. I’ll admittingly say that I was too young to understand or value Gang Starr when they came out with this 26 years ago but I’m awake today. ‘Step in the Arena’ was their second studio album and first major label debut thanks to Duff Marlowe who signed them to Chrysalis/ EMI. So if you are a fan of Kodak Black or Lil Uzi Vert, or any of these upcoming rappers doing their thing now, check out this record to see what helped to build and establish the foundation for the hip hop culture we know of today. Without groups like Gang Starr our music would have been watered down much sooner than it has beens so it is critical that we keep this music alive. As usual, respect to DJ Premier and RIP to Guru~

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