Massachusetts Finally Legalizes Cannabis, and I have the Perfect Music to help you Celebrate!


Finally as of Wednesday, November 9th at 5:30am Massachusetts has decided to legalize Marijuana aka Mary Jane, and get lifted with other states like Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Alaska. Similar legalization measures have passed in California, Nevada, and seemingly Maine. Arizona failed to legalize it for adult recreational use but they have it legalized for medicinal use. With 96% of the reporting in so far the results show us that 53.6% (1,672,320 votes) were in favor of legalizing it vs 46.6% (1,450,177 votes) opposed it. Here are some of the stipulations in Massachusetts for adults 21 years and older…


  • Create a Cannabis Control Commission to regulate marijuana legalization, issue licenses to retailers and other firms selling marijuana products;
  • Legalize the possession of less than 10 oz. of marijuana inside homes or less than 1 oz. in public;
  • Make it legal to grow up to six marijuana plants in the home;
  • Stipulate that marijuana retailers would be subject to the state sales tax, with an additional 3.75 percent excise tax (local municipalities can choose to add another 2 percent tax);
  • Direct revenue from excise taxes, license application fees and fines for minor violations of this law into a Marijuana Regulation Fund that would cover the administrative costs of the new law;

And most importantly since some of you are probably already celebrating, it will actually take effect on December 15th, 2016, so don’t go walking down the street smoking a joint or blunt lol.


Here is the actual ballot and question 4.
And of course, some jams to celebrate ~
Bob Marley – “Legalize It” Live

Cypress Hill – “I Want To Get High”


Styles P – “Good Times”

Of course I gotta get some exclusive Devin the Dude in the mix ~


So while I know some of you are incredibly disappointed with the results of the elections, at least us Massholes are taking some steps in the right direction. Enjoy ~
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