DJ Khaled featuring Nas “Nas Album Done” Official Music Video

This is good ish! The fact that DJ Khaled sampled the classic Fugees track “Fu-Gee-La” aka ‘Ooh La La La’ and got the illest MC ever, Nas, to deliver some jewels on it was only half of the picture with the new video. In terms of the visuals, what they did was dope… they went down to Jamaica and linked with Louie Rankin who acted as Teddy Bruck Shut from the movie Shottas which is a classic Jamaican gangsta flick from about 15 years ago. Ky-Mani Marley is actually the main star in it, peep it if you haven’t seen it yet. Or maybe you’ll recognize him as OX, the Original Bumbaclot Jamaican Don Dada from the classic movie Belly with DMX and Nas that was directed by Hype Williams. So I especially thought it was dope how they used OX, someone who appears on screen in front of millions of people as a representation of black on black crime in some of these movies, to help bring a more uplifting and unifying message to the world about and from the black community saying ‘we are going to come together and take on the system fighting against us’. Yea much respect to Khaled for getting up with Nas on this, I don’t think anyone else would have delivered like they did. That classic ish, I’m definitely looking forward to his album but until then, enjoy this ~

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