Legends Cypher with Twista, Ghostaface Killah, and Cassidy – Team BackPack Freestyle Video/ 2016 XXL Freshman Cypher Take Note

Yes. XXL Freshman and all ya’ll aspiring rappers just getting into the game, here are 3 legendary rappers that you can learn from, Twista, Ghostface Killa and Cassidy. Not to bash Desiigner but this years XXL freshman cypher “freestyle” literally consisted of him spitting the same “bridge” or “hook” 5 times in a row to make up the body of his verse and it was not impressive. And it was even worse because Lil Dickey went last and bodied him and Anderson Parker, and he basically started off as a joke. You can take note of the current artist and the new styles their bringing to the table, but you should learn from the individuals that were doing it back then and still present today. This was a good cypher, they all went in with Twista leading the way and Cassidy adding that Mortal Kombat FATALITY finish ~

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