KOTD Cypher Series Volume 3 with Massachusetts Rappers Video – Chilla Jones, Easy Money, B Magic, Termanology, King Los and Money Bagz

King of  the Dot Cypher Series recently hit up Beantown to film Volume 3 – Massacre 2 Edition at Laced Boston. Chilla Jones, Easy Money, and Termanology, each represented Massachusetts correctly, coming through with some Title Town heat.

“They know, never to pop shit because my clip, pop quick, leave you in hospice when the shots spit, when it comes to spittin this hot shit, I cannot quit. Bars on bars like I’m stocked up on some chocolate.” Easy Money

In the mix was B Magic, Money Bagz, and King Los, who also had some heat, of course, but are already starting to be called out for recycling bars, and people don’t think it’s a good look. I get it, cypher’s aren’t meant to be spitting lines that they have already (ab)used… if that’s the case, you mind as well make songs and just put on shows. So I get it that people would be hating but for someone like myself who doesn’t follow cypher’s on a serious level, all three of them were spitting new heat to me. But regardless of where you stand on this particular issue, peep the cypher to kick off this Memorial Day Weekend ~

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