Keeping Your Eyes on the Prize and Giving it Your All/ UFC Fighter Kongo Won’t Stay Down – Video

Feel like you got knocked down and need some motivation, well look no further. This UFC fighter, Cheick Kongo, is a great example and inspiration of taking a hit and getting back up. I mean not only did he take one hit and get knocked down, but he took a nice little beating when he was down. While it appeared to be a lost battle, especially with the additional commentating supporting the opponent Pat Barry, Kongo remained present in the moment and focused on the bigger picture… do not stay down. With the determination to endure the blows, he was able to fight back and knock out his opponent to win the match. So whether you have been taking a beating at work, maybe your club team is getting stomped in your soccer or rugby league, or maybe you need to reevaluate your life in general, whatever it is, you can overcome those bumps in the road. Just remember, it is up to you. How much do you want it?

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