Financial Wellness Tips Around Filing Your Taxes Before the 2016 Deadline / Business 101


Sherry Jackson is an ex IRS agent who definitely knows a thing or two about getting the most of her money when dealing with taxes and attaining financial independence. Sherry certainly has a unique story, and one that I applaud her for, so I want to help her with spreading her insight that will help us with attaining financial independence. Now she isn’t a millionaire and this definitely isn’t a scheme or anything of the sort, but tips and suggestions that we should all be familiar with.

In the webinar below, she gives you some advice that can help you replace your current income and increase tax deduction by at least $5,000. The last day to file your taxes is on April 18th, 2016, so check out this video now to help with maximizing your 2015 returns. And if you have already filed your taxes, this will help give you a head start for 2017 ~

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