DJ mustard and Travis Scott Aren’t Sellouts, They’re Creative / “Whole Lotta Lovin” Official Music Video

So lots of people are hating on DJ Mustard and Travis Scott for their song, “Whole Lotta Lovin.” Yea I know, it’s not straight rap and hip hop but instead it’s a record that also appeals to the EDM and club scene. Being that I like a broad range of music, I wont lie – I’m kinda feeling it. To be frank, this is actually the first DJ Mustard or Travis Scott posting on here… and yes of course “Antidote” is a catchy song too. Nothing is wrong with broadening your horizon and stepping out of  your comfort zone, and if anything I applaud them for doing so. I don’t think this will be the norm for either of them, and continuing to sprinkle something like this in the mix every once in a while is cool with me too.

People change, so why should music be stagnant? To me this is just one example of showing how these artist are evolving. Being that their style of music primarily consists of club music that you bump when you want to turn up, it only makes sense that they would eventually make a track that has a more club vibe to it. Now by no means am I saying I hope all artist do this, but these artist have never really had a conscious style so to me they aren’t selling out but instead capitalizing on their ability to reach a broader range of people. Enjoy ~

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