Exquisite Zombies “Stampede” Dance Video/ Sick postproduction to kick off 2016

Exquisite Zombies = Surrealist inspired filming method by which a collection of dance moves are visually assembled.

Thus far, this is one of the best dance/ animation videos of the year. The dancers were ill, the music was sick, and the production was dope. Yak Films really delivered on this. So whether your looking to be entertained, want to get some inspiration for a personal project especially around adobe after effects, or simply looking for some new dance moves to bust for your next tinder date, you have come to the right place my friends~
Music – “Stampede” by BlackDoe
Dancers include: Bgirl Terra (Soul Mavericks), Ctut (Finger Circus), Bones the Machine (NextLevel Squad), Tight Eyez (King of Krump), Neguin (Red Bull BC One All Stars), Bgirl Ayumi & Narumi (Body Carnival), Prime Tyme (Memphis Jooking Legend)
Animation by:
Yasmine and Nick, Daniel Graf, Takahiro Masuda, Maria-Clara Santos, Stephanie Delazeri, and Gabriele Todisco.
This was premiered at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival Awards Show in Park City, Utah

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