Michael Johnson, 400 Meter World Record Video/ Throwback Post

Now that my college track and field career is over as an athlete, I couldn’t help to think about how incredibly slow I am, at least compared to the 400 meter world record time set by Michael Johnson. People always say how I am o so fast… but they don’t know fast. My fastest 400 meter time was during my freshman year in 2004 at the end of the outdoor track and field season at Bates College. During a 4×400 relay, I ran a sub 48 in the anchor leg. During that same track meet (either NESCAC Championships or New England’s D3 championships… google it lol), I ran my fastest open time of 49.09. During my sophomore year I got caught up with rugby and decided not to run track anymore. Looking back, I wish I stuck with it. I wonder how much faster I could have ran. Possibly a school record, 47.04? I don’t if I would have ran that fast, but I know I would have been moving.

So I was fast but nothing great. Michael Johnson on the other hand, well he was amazingly fast. And supposedly his running form was awful, but who’s to say his form is bad considering the fact that he has the fastest time ever recorded. Even Usain Bolt can’t even compete with MJ in the 400, although I think he could if he properly trained for it. When Bolt was about 17 years old, he ran 45 seconds during the second leg of a 4×400 meter relay. CRAZY! But Johnson’s world record performance set back at the 1999 Seville World Championships was on another level… he literally left his competitors in his dust. The previous record stood for about 11 years. Johnson’s record has stood for 15 years so far… I wonder when it will be broken, if ever?!? But for now, enjoy the unorthodox running of the best to ever do it~

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