Goodie Mob “Thought Process” Throwback Post

Off of Goodie Mob’s 1995 debut album, Soul Food featured one of best examples of classic southern rap. The record “Thought Process” touches on issues involving race, violence, drugs and class, like most other rap and hip hop songs. But unlike much of the rap music that is being played on MTV or the mainstream radio stations, they aren’t necessarily promoting gang violence or the consumption of drugs, but instead explaining why some men in the black community get engaged with them. And I know some of you youngins might not be familiar with this record or album, but just give it a try. Beat is laid back and smooth but yet fast enough to keep your head rocking to the funky fresh vibe. And featuring Andre 3000 who is part of the Outkast duo and also a fellow Dungen Family member, blesses the track with a verse that probably needs a few listens before you even comprehend half of what he’s getting at. Time is flying by way too fast, can’t believe it’s almost been 20 years since this dropped. I’m just glad I was reminded of it, I wasn’t old enough to even appreciate or understand what they were saying. We need more conscious rap and hip hop music like this. Dope track, and one that tends to be overlooked and forgotten… especially with respect to southern rap and hip hop.

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