Beastie Boys Animation Cartoon/ PBS Blank on Blank Series

A very cool series from Blank on Blank, they basically create cartoon animations over exclusive never before heard interviews. Relatively short videos about 3-7 minutes long, they feature famous public figures who have entertained, inspired and influenced all of us someway or another. This first video that I am going to post is with the Beastie Boys. Adrock, MCA and Mike D are pioneers in the rap community, and as you can hear, even in 1985 they were stirring things up. I especially love how they bring up the whole, “you guys are white, so your music is only for white people” talk. Their response is money and actually part of the reason I do believe there should be a different genra for suburban oriented rap/hip hop musician and fans called frat rap. Now do I really care, no not so much… just food for thought. But check out this video, its dope~

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