Mark Zuckerberg Donates $500 Million After Instagram Update Terms of Service/ They can Sell Your Pictures and Photos for Ads to Make Money/ Business 101

Yesterday Instagram had everyone on FaceBook and Twitter (and of course Instagram) going crazy over the new updated terms of service which basically gives them (Mark Zuzkerberg and his FaceBook company bought Instagram for $1 Billion earlier this year), the right to sell your pictures to companies for ads. In otherwords, the photos you take of your children playing at the park wearing a new Spongebob t-shirt, could be used for promotional material without your consent. Well, technically they do have your consent since it’s in the terms that take effect January 16th 2013.

Mark Zuckerberg is slick… right after his company declares they will have the rights to your photos

 without compensating you, the public went crazy on facebook and other social media sites, and he  responds by donating almost $500 million to the Sillicon Valley Community Foundation, a non-profit organization that will work with Zuckerberg to focus on health and education. He definitely had all of this planned out lol.

Now I think anytime you donate money towards a good cause it’s wonderful! Who wouldn’t? But my concern is his underlying approach and intentions. The fact that it happened later in the day after a public protest to Instagrams new policy changes is kind of suspect. It’s like the Koch Brothers donating money to a small local town, just so they can pollute the water that runs through one neighborhood within that town. Whoa nowww… Mark Zuckerberg and The Koch Brothers shouldn’t be mentioned in the same sentence unless it’s to compare good rich vs bad rich.

And then there’s clearly the tax write off theory… he doesn’t actually care about helping others but instead only a tax write off for himself… which I don’t really agree with much but you never know. I think he actually does want to help others but is consciously still trying to make more money and get richer. But why donate so much money to this one organization? Clearly he gets some brownie points for FB and Instagram since good PR usually amounts to money, but this won’t generate a profit or anything. Whatever the theories are, the fact is simple… he donated $498 Billion to a non-profit organization that will give back to others. That’s good stuff!

So with such an uproar from the public, last night/ early this morning Instagram has assured its users that it won’t sell their photos to ads. The privacy policy is clearly the most important issue that most people overlook so it’s good there were so many people who caught this one… because I bet the company was in fact planning to sell pictures, and probably still are but they want to secure their popularity first. But now after hearing so much feedback, I bet they continue moving forward with the idea to sell your photos but to keep users on-board, you will be compensated a percentage. However you like it, this is business, and they are in it for the money. The question is, what are they going to decide to say in the official updated policy, and will you continue to use Instagram?

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