Julian “Handles” Newman, a 5th grader starting on Florida High School Varsity Basketball Team (Video)

So my friends over at MaxPreps put this to my attention and I know my basketball people’s will find this intriguing. 9 year old Julian Newman aka “Handles 2020” is a 5th grader playing on a boys high school varsity basketball team. After Handles almost scored 100 points in a middle school game, it was clear he needed a better challenge… so why not try varsity.

Playing for Downey Christian High School under the coaching of his father, Jamie Newman, and despite not playing any of the elite programs in the state, they are still in Florida which is one of the more competitive states when it comes to basketball. So I’m curious what do you think about this? Should he be playing varsity basketball… and starting at that? Is this helping him become a better player, or will this end up hurting him more in the long run? Watch the video’s below, the little kid is pretty quick, he can shoot and play defense… yea this is crazy#%?

I’m really curious to see what becomes of him, he doesn’t graduate high school until 2020. Could he be the next LeBron James? … and note, I would say Michael Jordan, but he didn’t even make his high school basketball team when he first tried out?!#$

And this is why they call the little man, “Handles”

Working hard, if he keeps up this kind of work ethic he will be fine… if not, eventually other kids will catch up with his skill level as he get’s older and plays more competition.
What Do You Think?
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