Fabolous “So NY” Official Music Video

Wowwwww, Fabolous is a beast hah. “So NY” is off of his new mixtape, ‘The S.O.U.L. Tape 2’ , and he basically goes in on everyone at the top of the rap game right now. The hook is strictly going at Lil Wayne. His whole verse is straight fire. Damn. I’ve literally replayed the video about 3 times so far, and each time, I heard something new that was hotter than before, and I already think this is crazy. Yeaaa you already know what it is if you follow my blog, I think Fab’s one of the most underrated rappers out and records like this clearly haven’t helped him with getting respect from other rappers in the game. And yes he has made plenty of other diss records, but the difference between this one and most of his others, is that he’s going at EVERYBODY in this one track. No one on one bs, he’s on some rambo ish and taking the entire game on. I wonder what dudes in New York think? Is Fab the nicest rapper in the NY? And I just post a Weezy video the other day, what y’all Wayne fans think about Fabs diss track at him? I think the best part of this video is the intro, a storm is coming~       

And the thing about this situation that makes it kinda rough for Fab is that any
producer who is cool with any of these rappers that he mentions (which
is basically everyone hah) will have to decide if they will continue to
roll them, or instead pick Fab. Now I clearly can’t speak for any of
these rappers or producers, but that’s my assumption. I can’t imagine DJ
Clue (cough cough) working with Fab and then next week we see him
working with Lil Wayne. Naw it doesn’t work like that. But clearly when you’ve already proven yourself, you can do this. Too many “rap and hip hop fans” just listen to a beat and think the song is good simply because the beat makes you want to dance or rock to it, and maybe there is a catchy hook. Well I don’t usually post lyrics but I am today. Fab’s just saying it like it is… and I don’t think I’ve heard a tight diss track going against the whole game like this, in a long time… since 50 cent’s track, “How to Rob”, but 50’s track wasn’t as real as this one~
“So NY”

Best things come to those who wait
It’s time to go get it

I said I’m so New York, Weezy probably don’t like me [x3]

For my city, emphasis on my city
You got to go to L.A. if your looking for Diddy
You gotta check C.T. if your looking for Fitty
Niggas in Paris, but what about the city?
I’m so N.Y. like the folks who make Playstation
Hope ya’ll enjoyed your summer vacation
I been on that medicine, all y’all sick patients
Time to come for Sugar Hill, word to Ray Nathan
I’m coming for the belt and I stay H’ing
Coming for your Idol, word to Clay Aiken
Pause- in case they take it the wrong way
And bitch nigga always take it the wrong way
Still spitting, I’m the city’s saliva
Want the keys to it like the designated driver
Sometimes I listen to my old rhymes, it feels like I had the fucking keys the whole time
Ain’t gotta give me credit, I take cash
(Broooklyn) Yeah we take cash
Those old niggas trying to live off their old bodies
These young niggas think they killing shit, with no bodies
But this ain’t about old school, new school
Cause my old school look better than your new school
And I drive my new school like my old school
Just to wave at the teachers from my old school
In Flex We Trust I let him do my old schools
The girl used to brain me, you love my old school
Stop playing, you boys grew up on me
I fed you, burped you, until you threw up on it
I gave these niggas style, they never had a Clue
But they heard the freestyles yea they had the Clues
Been doing this a while, probably had your boo
She probably came back had a little attitude
Gun charge, oh yea I had like two
My black lawyer beat them, never had a Jew
I done had a few, never use, had them new
So I’m Pac, in a white suit, I Ain’t Mad At You
No Diddy, no Dupri, no Dr. Dre
No Cash Money from Baby, and no Rocs from Jay
And I’m still here, I’m still here!
I’m so New York that I’m still her


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