Edo G, the History of Rap and Hip Hop in Massachusetts/ Welcome To Beantown Episode 5

The Massachusetts rap and hip hop community that we know of today is what it is only because of what it was. Feel me? All y’all youngins that support local acts like Moufy and Cam Meekins need to especially pay attention since this episode of Welcome To Beantown speaks on the history of Massachusetts rap and hip hop.


Exclusive interview footage with legendary Boston rapper Edo G, and special appearances from TDS Mob and Made Men veteran Cool Gzus, and New York rapper Masta Ace. Speaking on the history of rap and hip hop in Boston and the surrounding communities, we learn about some of the pioneers that helped lead the way to the current scene that we know of today… not to mention one funny ass story that involves Will Smith aka the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Edo and Gzus give mad props to Magnus
Johnstone for starting the show Lecco’s Lemma, which was a radio show at MIT’s WMBR 88.1FM that gave local rap artist an opportunity to be heard throughout the city. So from about 1984 – 1989 the foundation of the present scene was built. They go on and drop names like Dave Mays and Jon Schector, Keith “Guru” Elam and Gangstarr, The Almighty RSO, FTI (Fresh To Impress) Crew, Rusty “the Toejammer” Pendleton, MC Spice, Mc Popeye and Spinach, Top Choice Clique and Many Others! But enough from me, just press play… and enjoy~

Magnus Johnstone in the middle… Lecco’s Lemma

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