City Hall To Go, City of Boston / Mobile Office Comes to You

What I believe is the first of its kind in the nation, and who knows maybe in the world, Boston is kicking off the beginning of, “City Hall To Go.” Basically the city of Boston is going mobile, allowing residents to do a number of different things that they would usually have to do at City Hall. So instead of trying to beat the morning traffic on the journey to Government Center and then standing in line for an hour, you can just catch the red and blue truck that will hit the road for the first time at 11am later this morning. 
I’m surprised the news is just finding out about this, maybe Mayor Menino wanted to keep it on the down low so he could get all the credit… since we all know it’s a great idea. But it’s sad, I’m already hearing racial responses about Menino only looking out for the minorities and other stupid responses… umm y’all haters need to come up with something better. White folks, Asians, Spanish and everyone in-between, are car-less. So the only logical explanation as to why someone would be against this idea, is that y’all think this will help democrats, since republicans are usually the wealthy one’s that will drive their car to City Hall. Whether that is in fact the care or not, it’s irrelevant to it’s essential purpose… to help the residents of Boston handle their business… like voting. So Here is a list of some things you can pay for on the new City Hall To Go truck.
Residents can pay or dispute parking tickets, pay tax bills, get library cards, pay
property taxes, get birth, marriage or death certificates, get a dog license, apply for
residential parking stickers, get recycling bin stickers, get a parking-meter debit card, and even register to vote among other

Nice move with this one Mayor Menino!
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