Cassidy vs Meek Mill Rap Beef- Battle/ “Me, Myself and iPhone” and response track “Repo Diss”

There’s always some sort of rap beef… Biggie vs Pac, West vs East… but this time around we’re keeping it in one state, Philadelphia! Philly has been making noise for a minute, Beanie Sigel and Cassidy been doing their thing for a minute now. Meek Mill on the other hand is the newcomer part of Rick Ross’s Maybach Music Group. Generally it’s a generation battle. Older cats vs younger kittens. People who actually think this is a battle don’t actually listen to bars… cause this is not a battle. Maybe it’s rap beef, but it’s not a battle. Not a war. Not a fight of any kind.

Here’s what many people believe was Cassidy’s first diss track towards Meek Mill… “The Diary of a Hustla”

Meek is an angry rapper. And I’m not hating on Mill, I like some of his
records. But when you have to declare someone a winner in a rap battle,
it’s a lyrical thing. I don’t care about swag. You can sound cool and
have all the swag in the world, but if you can’t switch up your rhymes
and be creative with metaphors and punch lines, then you aren’t the
better rapper. Bar for bar, it’s not a question. Cassidy the Hustla got
round 1… and the war. Meek, just throw up the white flag now.

Diss tracks are below!

 Here’s what came out as the actual diss track towards Meek… “Me, Myself, and iPhone”… and Cassidy mentions Swizz Beatz too, no beef but clearly there’s a little drama here~

Meek Mill’s response…”Repo” Cassidy diss~

Cassidy’s response to “Repo” AND the nail in the coffin… “Raid” Meek Mill Diss~

The thing I’m trying to teach all my little homies out there is simple. Cassidy is a battle rapper. Meek on the hand, is just a rapper. He’s a good rapper but he’s fighting an uphill battle. Cassidy made a 10 minute response diss record pretty much as quickly as Meek dropped his track. But the best thing about this is the fact that you can literally compare any 3-4 minutes of it, to Meek’s “Repo” track, and its still not a battle. Meek, I’m a fan homie, but the only advice I could give you is… leave it alone. All your doing is putting your fans onto Cassidy~
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