Carlin Isles, USA Rugby 7’s Speedster/ Who is the Fastest Rugby Player in the World?

It’s not everyday that you hear me calling someone a speedster, I’m no Usain Bolt but I do have some wheels… but this Carlin Isles kid can really move! As I get older I can definitely see my natural speed slowly starting to disappear. I’m not as quick as I used to be… but still fast hah. The thing about my running technique is that I get faster as I go. Carlin Isles on the other hand is insanely quick. He’s quick right out the gate and ran an impressive 100 meters in 10.13 seconds making him the 37th fastest sprinter here in the United States last year. A former football player and track and field star, he’s pretty much just learning rugby, having less than 6 months experience… so imagine when he gets his cutting skills down even more than he has em now, not to mention the basic fundamentals of rugby… he is really going to be a beast on the pitch!

Now all this running in rugby talk has me wondering… who’s the fastest rugby
player in 2012/ 2013? I’d love to see players like Mikaele Pesamino,
Daniel Jonathan Caprice, Daniel John Norton, Mat Turner, Bryan Habana, Takudzwa Ngwenya, Andrew Harriman, David Trick and Carlin Isles among a few others, put in some sort of charity race or event to help not only see who’s the fastest for fun, but 1, help raise money for a good cause (whatever that may be) and 2, to help promote rugby. Maybe there could be an event like this in all of the major sports, and we could then crown an ultimate champion that would race the current track and field world champion, which would clearly be Mr. Bolt right now… Yeaaa get on it CBS SPORTS or ESPN!! 

And check out this video of South African rugby star, Bryan Habana racing a cheetah with a 30meter head start. He’s fast, but not that fast hah~
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