Rap as a Political Weapon… Again/ New Ice Cube Record ‘Everythings Corrupt’

Wow, the former N.W.A. rap member Ice Cube is hitting the rap game with his new album and single, ‘Everything’s Corrupt,’ on a political level like he did way back he was first introduced to the world. I don’t believe he actually mentions President Obama or Mitt Romney, but clearly we see these political figures and many others all throughout the video as talks about “the system” and how its a scam. And being the case, it’s no wonder he collaborated with Rage Against the Machine’s member, Tom Morello who did his thing on the guitar. I was honestly surprised to see Cube come back into the rap scene like this, especially after making so many family oriented movies… which some people have called him a sell-out for, I think it’s fair to say he’s always been keeping it real but especially when it comes to rapping.

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