Nate Robinson dribbles under Sebastian Telfair during game/ Motivational Video

Wow, this is probably one of the best plays so far during this NBA season. Nate Robinson is clearly one of the most athletic players in the league standing only 5’9 and can put the ball between his legs in mid-air and dunk on a regulated hoop. So clearly other players are aware of his hops. So during the Bulls vs Phoenix game, defender Sebastian Telfair completely fell for Robinson’s head fake, jumping completely off the ground. So Robinson, being the versatile player he is, doesn’t try to shoot over him, but instead go underneath him. He literally dribbles between the defenders leg while driving to the hoop, and is able to get the layup for 2 points, which ultimately helped the Bulls win, 112-106.This is improvisational skills at its finest hah~

Now some people might simply say, o that’s bull, he didn’t even do anything that special. Well, I’d love to see anyone else do this in a real competitive game. Moves like this aren’t easy, but it’s no wonder we see a player like Robinson pull it off. It comes from inside, a desire to want more, a will to succeed. I think this motivational video from Nate Robinson is inspiring, and gives us a glimpse at this individuals ambition to succeed.

*I tagged RAP, Hip Hop,and Wale’s record “Ambition” because it plays throughout the motivational video~

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