Microsoft Surface Commercial Video/ Business 101

So as 2012 comes to an end Microsoft introduces the Surface… just in time for the holiday season. I came across the Surface through this commercial, which I thought was pretty cool. A unique product and clearly the first laptop… I mean the first tablet of this nature, I think they did a pretty good on selling it. Just connect the keyboard and your good to get working on that company project or school assignment. Check out the commercial, it’s pretty cool especially the robotic dance scene.

The second video is about the magnesium alloy used for the frame and some of the lab tests conducted before going public. Yea I think this was a nice business move for Microsoft especially with such a drastic change in the layout, they clearly aren’t targeting the older community with this one… I mean they have dubstep playing in the background… so things should be interesting in this tablet race between Apple, Google, Amazon and a few others. Check out the videos below~

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