Welcome To Beantown Episode #4/ Edo G talks about the ‘Current Mass Rap and Hip Hop Scene’

Welcome To Beantown Episode #4/ Edo G talks about the ‘Current Massachusetts Rap and Hip Hop Scene’… So here is the fourth episode of the WTB web-series. Unlike my previous episodes, I’ve decided to make them shorter, anywhere from 5 to about 9 minutes. During this episode, the legendary Boston rapper speaks about who he is and his role within the current Massachusetts rap and hip hop community. We also hear about the importance of “Threes” and Adidas, who are some of the best currently doing it and much more. If you appreciate the legends, this is one of em. If your curious about rap and hip hop of the national lime light, this is a glimpse of what is missing and what is to come. We’ve seen California, Atlanta, Texas, Chicago and New York all blow up, now it’s New England’s turn… or more specifically, Massachusetts!

And S/O Edo G for holding me down with this interview. UGHH and Handsome Factory for the support!

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