Prince ‘The Glory Years’ Documentary Video

Prince ‘The Glory Years’ Documentary Video… So I’m just coming across this unofficial UK documentary on the talented, Prince. The Artist Formerly Known As Prince can be considered one of the most talented artist alive… or dead. I mean some people don’t even realize everything he did/ does but he is a singer, songwriter, producer and musician… he was a Rock Star on the next level. And by Rock Star I don’t mean his style of music since he was more of Pop Star, but I mean what he represented. A beast on the guitar, when his career first started to get moving, people even called him the successor to Jimi Hendrix… and we already know what it is with Jimi! Although I’d say he was probably more of a sex icon than the normal rock star. And technically he’s an actor too… remember his movie “Purple Rain” hah. But despite no actual interview footage from Prince, we do hear from everyone who was part of his ride to stardom. Can’t forget those that came before us, check it out ~

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