Larry Bird vs Magic Johnson Basketball Rivalry/ Throwback Post

Larry Bird vs Magic Johnson Basketball Rivalry… So after watching the Boston Celtics lose in overtime to the Los Angeles Lakers in overtime a few weeks ago, I found myself thinking it was still a good game. But soon after another thought popped in my head… what was the best Boston Celtics rivalry? Well I basically knew the answer before I could even finish the thought but clearly it was with the Lakers. These days kids and even young adults think what Kobe Bryant and Paul Pierce have is a great match up but they don’t even know… it’s all about that Bird Magic hah. What started in college, they would battle on the basketball court until the end of their careers, helping to create some of the greatest basketball memories and changing the game forever~

There Can Only Be One NBA Commercial~

Magic & Bird: A Courtship Of Rivals Documentary… definitely watch these videos if you want to know what this rivalry is truly about~

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

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