Dennis Rodman Diving For Basketball Photograph / Motivation

Dennis Rodman Diving For Basketball Photograph… I’ve always loved this photograph of former Bull’s Dennis Rodman! This is what it’s all about when I say ‘I’m Hungry and Motivated.’ And especially compared to these ballers in the NBA today, this Hall of Famer would eat these players alive. Big Baby is the type of player that comes to mind when I think of Rodman today… maybe as hungry, but not as motivated. Full out stretch for the ball… in other words, he completely sacrificed his body for his team. Love this brotha and wish there were more players like him still in the league today. I’ll post the picture below so you can click on it for the original size, but this is what I love about photography… being able to capture a moment in time and relive it over and over again… I’m definitely motivated, now to get back to work~

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