The Gemini ‘The Monopoly’ Street Album

The Gemini ‘The Monopoly’ Street Album… Thrown my way two days ago I wanted to peep the entire album and more than once before posting it. Bloody Bean Coalition presents this new street album right in time for the new year. The Gemini which consists of OD and S.C., also got the help of fellow Coalition members DJ Kerosene and Juan Diablo of The Allies, along with Aldo of Scratchismz Crew, Medisin of Usual Suspecktz, Surefire Music Group, Letia Larok and a few others. Yea this FREE street album has 19 tracks that will help you 6et 1n 7ouch… personally I’m really feelin tracks 4, 10, 12,14 and 15 but peep the whole thing, you might like the other records more~
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