Classic DJ Rap Battle from 1996 VIDEO / TAPEDECK TUESDAYS / X-Men Vs. Invisibl Skratch Piklz

(I.S.P. aka the Invisibl Skratch Piklz)

Classic DJ Rap Battle from 1996 Video of the X-Men (X-Ecutioners) vs. the Invisibl Skratch Piklz (I.S.P.)… perfect videos that sum up what TAPEDECK TUESDAYS are all about! In these classic DJ battle videos we see appearances from Roc Raida (RIP), Rob Swift & Mista Sinista Vs. Q-Bert, Mixmaster Mike & Shorkut. These are dope… good looks Astros, don’t know how you found these! Here are parts 1, 2 AND 3! And I almost forgot this special Christmas TAPEDECK TUESDAYS MIXTAPE for you to download!! Happy Holidays, and ENJOY!!!

(X-Men aka The X-Ecutioners)

Songs Included

Beat Street’s Santa’s Christmas Rap
Boyz II Men – Let it Snow
Kayne, Cyhi the Prince – Christmas in Harlem
Eazy E – Merry Muthafuckin Xmas
Snoop Dogg & J black – Xmas on Soul
Juice Crew – Cold Chillin Christmas
Ludacris – Ludachrismas
Quad City Dj’s – What you want for Christmas
Run DMC – Christmas in Hollis
Run DMC feat Mase, Diddy, Snoop, Salt N Peppa, & Onyx – Santa Baby
TLC – Sleigh Ride
Snoop Dogg – A Pimp’s Christmas Song
Snoop Dogg – Look out Christmas in the Dogghouse
Chris Brown – This Christmas
Mr. Lif – Santa’s Got an UZI
Ying Yang Twinz – Carol of da Bellz
Ying Yang Twinz – Deck da Club

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